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Client Testimonials

"Fantastic course! Appreciate the knowledge base of both of you and your willingness to answer all questions and ensure understanding. I also liked the fact that you encouraged individual participants to share their experiences so that others may learn. I am leaving with a much better understanding than when I arrived."

David Rosenberg
Premera Blue Cross

"This was an excellent program - geared to health entities. I've been through quite a few training classes and this program rates at the top!"

Chris Manger
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana

"Concise and well organized. Great update!" Very good systematic approach to changes with practical applications. Material was excellent! Presenters were very good."

Frank Cipriani
New Jersey Department of Banking and Finance

"I'm an RBC beginner, so every thing was very helpful. I have a much better understanding of what the RBC is and how it is calculated. Much appreciated!"

Donyha Scott
Blue Care Network of Michigan

"I obviously thought everything was great! It was so nice to go to a class specifically for health companies. I've gone to two other seminars in which I learned next to nothing about the health blank. The information was presented in a way that the average person can understand. Now we've just got a lot of work to do. Thanks!"

Julie Robertson
Advantage Health Solutions

"Very knowledgeable instructors. Thought seminar was very useful - good up to date information. Much better than NAIC seminar I had previously attended."

Suzanne Dowdle
PHP Companies, Inc.

"Over the past few years we have had this course presented by various trainers. It has never been presented better, more thoroughly, or in a manner to be more easily understood. Thank you Bruce and Colleen!"

Wayne K. Knutson
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana

"Very up-to-date presentation...Enjoyed seminar, Bruce presents this information in a very understandable fashion. Great job!"

Richard Peltier
Value Behavioral Health

"The services your company has provided have been excellent. Everyone we have worked with has been professional, very knowledgeable and provided exceptional service. For example, Colleen was very patient with us during the Annual Statement process we were "right down to the wire" in getting her information when our Medicare Part D numbers changed due to an issue we had with our PBM. Colleen handled the additional stress that we provided to her and that she did not deserve nor need at that time, without expressing any dissatisfaction towards us."

Jeffrey Koenig
Community Health Partnership, Inc.

"Wish I had taken this course prior to the first time I prepared states. I will recommend this course to other health plans in Albuquerque."

Anita Schwing
Cimarron Health Plan

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