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2016 Risk-Based Capital Preparation Workshop


Standard Rate $900
Early Bird Rate* $810
Regulator Rate $450

*Early bird valid until October 2

What You Will Learn

  • Changes to the 2016 Health RBC Formula.

  • Proposed changes to the 2017 Formula.

  • Guidance for start-up companies and the Health RBC Growth Factor.

  • How Annual Statement Preparation efforts affect preparing the Health RBC Formula.

  • What underlying data in the Annual Statement and internal company data is used to prepare the Health RBC formula.

  • Detailed guidance on completing each section of the Health RBC Formula.

  • Utilizing the Health RBC forecasting tool to study the impact of Company changes to Company‚Äôs Health RBC results.

  • Utilizes case studies, examples and exercises to enhance participants' skills.

  • Participants are encouraged to bring copies of their prior year's Annual Statement and RBC Report for discussion and clarifications of any reporting problems.

What's New for 2016

  • New reporting guidance for the treatment of "Medicaid Pass-Through Payments."

  • Modifications to the Underwriting Risk — Experience Fluctuation Risk (Informational Purposes Only) page XR012A regarding premiums and claims inside and outside of Exchanges.

  • Clarifying language to Page XR021 — Business Risk for the Excessive Growth Charge for start-up companies.

  • Proposed changes to "assets on deposit with states for benefit of all policyholders."

  • Update on impact of Section 9010 Insurer Fee on RBC Reports.

  • Update on states adoption of RBC Model Act as accreditation Model Act effective January 1, 2016.

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