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Consulting Services

With years of result-oriented, hands-on experience, MCS offers a broad array of consulting services to insurance companies and insurance regulators.

Outsourcing Services

In this tough economic time, insurance companies may find outsourcing as a feasible budget alternative. MCS consultants have years of expertise in preparing and filing statutory financial statements. Contact us regarding outsourcing the preparation and filing of your company's annual and quarterly NAIC statements.

2017 Workshops & Seminars
Claims Accounting & Reporting Workshop

September 11-12, 2017
New Orleans, LA

2017 Regulatory Update for Health Organizations Workshop

September 26, 2017
Little Rock, AR

September 29, 2017
Detroit, MI

2017 Health Annual Statement Preparation Seminar

December 11-14, 2017
San Antonio, TX

2017 Risk-Based Capital Preparation Workshop

December 15, 2017
San Antonio, TX

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