Press Release:

SS&C Acquires Millennium Consulting Services
and Millennium Seminar Services

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Since 1993

Expert support to meet the demanding obligations of statutory accounting and reporting regulations.

With years of result-oriented, hands-on experience, Millennium Consulting Services’ (MCS) offers a broad array of consulting services to insurance companies and insurance regulators.

MCS professionals have years of experience in the insurance industry consisting of tenures at insurance companies, insurance departments, and at the NAIC. Each consultant has extensive practical experience in preparing and filing statutory reports including the annual and quarterly statements and supplemental filings including the risk-based capital report. We also have extensive contacts at the various departments of insurance and can provide you with regulatory assistance when needed.

Statutory Statement Outsourcing

Outsource the preparation and filing of your company’s statutory statement.

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Investment Outsourcing

Our Investment Outsourcing provides for the maintenance of your company’s investment portfolio for statutory accounting and reporting.

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Quality Control Reviews

Provide a thorough QCR of your annual statement, supplemental filings including the RBC Report and the Statutory Audit Report on either a retrospective or prospective basis.

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Advisory Services
  • Financial Reporting Advice Related To Statutory Accounting
  • Investment Analysis
  • Risk-Based Capital Analysis
  • Company Licensing
  • New Company Formation
  • NAIC Issues Monitoring
  • Corrective Action Planning and Regulatory Review
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