Professionals with years of experience in the insurance industry consisting of tenures at insurance companies, insurance departments, and at the NAIC.

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Regulatory Advisory Services

Millennium Consulting's staff of professionals have years of experience in the insurance industry consisting of tenures at insurance companies, insurance trade associations, insurance departments, and at the NAIC. Our work experience and regulatory expertise can prove invaluable as your company navigates through the various insurance regulatory requirements. Millennium Consulting can assist you in various matters dealing with insurance regulatory matters including, but not limited to:

  • Quarterly and Annual QCR
    We can provide a summary review of your quarterly and annual statement filing prior to filing with your domiciliary state and the NAIC.
  • Financial Reporting Advice Related to Statutory Accounting
    We draft issue papers and in-depth White Papers on complex accounting and reporting issues such as accounting and reporting for mergers, determination of dividends payable, reporting of claim and cost containment expenses, etc.
  • Investment Analysis
    Accounting for invested assets on a statutory basis is often time confusing–not to mention dealing with the Securities Valuation Office (SVO). We can provide expert analysis on accounting, reporting and filing issues.
  • Risk-Based Capital Analysis
    About to launch a new product, move capital between affiliated entities, let us assist in providing the analysis of the impact to RBC on such decisions.
  • Company Licensing
    We can assist clients with filing initial or expansion licensing applications. We utilize the NAIC's Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA), which includes any and all required state specific filings. We assure compliance with each state's admission criteria, assist or prepare responses to regulatory inquiries and provide other regulatory services as needed.

Quality Control Review Service

Our Quality Control Review Service (QCR) service provides a thorough quality control review of your annual statement, supplemental filings including the RBC Report and the Statutory Audit Report. The review checks for completeness, accuracy, compliance, and addresses any regulatory issues and concerns. In addition, we will provide advisory services on matters related to the preparation and filing of the annual and supplemental filing on issues such as statutory accounting, investment accounting and reporting, and other accounting and reporting issues.

The service will entail a review of your company's Annual Statement and supporting Trial Balance and other data used to prepare the filing. This will include evaluating general ledger accounting entries, ensuring that statutory accounting has been followed, recommending any adjustments to adhere to statutory accounting and reporting rules prescribed by your domiciliary.

Our QCR service can be provided on either a retrospective basis whereby the review is done after you file with the NAIC or on a prospective basis before you file with the NAIC.

The QCR Service is available to Health, Life, and Property & Casualty insurance entities.

For more information about Millennium Consulting's QCR Services, call us at 919.569.6762 or email us at

Insurance Departments

Millennium Consulting provides professional services to insurance regulators to assist in their surveillance of the financial condition and operations of their domestic insurance entities. In times of acute increases in workload, Millennium Consulting can assist regulators in addressing their complex regulatory issues and help them respond in a timely and effective manner as these issues arise.

Our professional staff consists of former insurance examiners, NAIC employees, and other financial management positions with insurance departments. Our staff has extensive knowledge of statutory accounting principles, insurance regulation, holding company transactions, UCAA application, reinsurance and investment transactions and analysis of insurer's financial condition. Our regulatory experience and expertise can assist insurance departments in various areas including:

  • Financial Analysis and Compliance Services
    Millennium Consulting has the expertise to either perform or assist in the financial analysis of insurance companies and HMOs licensed in your state. A well-performed financial analysis will include a thorough investigation, thoughtful analysis and full disclosure of all relevant aspects of the subject entity. Our staff can review and recommend appropriate action based on the review and analysis of a regulated entity's financial statements and other records; specifically evaluating assets, liabilities, surplus/RBC adequacy, liquidity, operations, reinsurance, management, etc.
  • Reinsurance Review Services
    We review and evaluate complex reinsurance treaties, contracts, transactions and programs. Services include interpretation of contractual language, cash flow analyses to determine risk transfer, and verification of appropriate accounting treatment.
  • Company Admissions Services
    Millennium Consulting has the experience and expertise in reviewing UCAA application for completeness, compliance with your state insurance statutes and provide an action response supported by recommendations with written analysis of the transaction, findings, and conclusions thereon.
  • Review of Holding Company Transactions
    Our staff can provide the technical expertise required to review and provide opinions on Form A Filings including reviewing Form A filings to determine if all required information has been submitted; determine what additional information beyond that contained in the Form A filing is required for the review; review all financial information and financial forecasts, and provide a written recommendation on the proposed transaction, supported with a written analysis of the transaction, findings, and conclusions.

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